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Call for Nominations

Please consider submitting your work to the 2016 CITAMS Student Paper Award. I would like to encourage faculty to nominate their students for the award. We also welcome self-nominations from students. See details below. We look forward to reading all nominations, Anabel, Casey and David

2016 CITAMS Student Paper Award

Recognizes 1) a published or unpublished article/paper/book chapter contributing to sociology of communication, media, and/or information technology OR 2) the design or use of a communication, media or information technology that provides an exceptional contribution to the sociology of communications, media, and/or information technology. Regarding authorship, books, chapters, articles, papers and computing applications may have multiple authors. In the case of student-faculty collaborations, the student must be the lead or senior author. The award is open to students in other disciplines than sociology; authors need not have a degree in sociology or be in a sociology department to be considered for an award but award nominees must be current CITAMS to be considered for this award. Graduate students can request a free membership to CITAMS as long as they are current members of ASA. Submissions must be in English and written within the two calendar years prior to the award deadline for nominations. There are no limitations on length. Award winners will be invited to serve on future award committees.

All materials for this award must be received by March 1, 2015.

Send by email to all three committee members a nomination letter and the paper in PDF or word:

Dr. Casey Brienza Email:

Dr. David Toews Email:

Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase (chair) Email:

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