Current Students

Molly-Gloria Harper (PhD)

Greetings! My name is Molly and I will be entering into the PhD Sociology program at Western. My background includes a Bachelors with Honours and Master’s Degree from the University of Windsor in the field of Criminology. The thesis I wrote was entitled “The Online Culture of Cyberbullying”12717327_937887839628244_4195079595692976458_n where I constructed cyberbullying within a criminology framework and further used qualitative techniques to analyze how the subcultures were perpetuated through popular film. My research interests include youth, deviancy, criminology, social media, and the role technology plays in society. It is my aim to extend my MA research into my PhD to really further develop the subcultures of cyberbullying, assess notions of accountability and where the law fits in, and to advance the construction of the youth culture within society. Working with Dr. Quan-Haase will allow me to work within the areas of sociology as well as communication, media, and film. Future conferences include: ENGAGE Graduate Student Conference in Guelph (March 25th);  Critical Perspectives in Criminology Conference in Ottawa (May 4-5th) and The ASC Annual Conference 2017 in Philadelphia (November 15-18).


Michael Haight (Phd)


Michael graduated with a BA in Criminology and an MA in Sociology from Western University. He is currently a PhD student at Western in  the Department of Sociology, researching internet use over the life course. His present work focuses on the ‘second digital divide’ looking at internet utilization and engagement.


Lisa Latiff (PhD)

Darryl Pieber (PhD)

Darryl_Pieber.pngI am a Media Studies PhD student at Western. My area of research centres around the use of location-aware mobile media (“locative media”) in urban contexts among marginalized groups (specifically queer youth). I completed my MA in Media Studies at Western in the summer of 2017. For my thesis, I developed a theoretical framework for assessing locative media use in urban contexts. Prior to returning to Western for graduate school, I worked for several years in global marketing in the mobile telecoms industry in Europe.

Olivia Nazarewich (MA)

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