Located at Western University, the SocioDigital Media Lab explores a wide range of topics linked to how information and communication technologies (ICTs) lead to social change. Technologies shape our society and at the same time, society shapes how technologies are developed, implemented, and used.

Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase is the founder and director of the Lab.

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Key areas of investigation:

  • Social networks/Social capital
  • Social activism/Social change
  • Digital humanities/Ebooks/Scholarly digital communication
  • Internet studies/Social media/Computer-mediated communication
  • Serendipity/Chance encounters/Opportunistic discovery of information & people

Current activities:

Keynote, iSchool, University of Toronto. March 1, 2018.

Presentation to Librarians and Archivists Research Support Network (LARSN), February 2018.

Workshop in Pune, India, Qualitative Research Methods, March 2018.

Special Issue on Privacy and Data Management for American Behavioral Scientist co-edited with Wenhong Chen and Yong Jin Park (forthcoming 2017)

Special Issue on Big Data Ethics and Politics for Social Science Computer Review co-edited with Wenhong Chen  (forthcoming 2017) see CFP

Our new book (with Lorne Tepperman) Real-Life Sociology is to be out spring 2018!!

At the SocioDigital Media Lab we have a love for books and pets! When you sleep over a book, you absorb the material during your sleep, right?

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