Independent Studies

Independent Studies

BUS 730Y: Social Network Analysis: Theory and Methods

Jorge Colazo, Fall-Winter 2005-06.

LIS 697: Independent Study

Mark MacEachern, Wikis in Academic Libraries, Summer 2007.

Media Studies 690 Guided Research

Alyson Young, De-facing the Facebook/Privacy, Summer-Fall 2007.
T. Robin Sutherland, Blogs: Emergency/Democracy, Summer 2004.

Sociology 610a Reading Course

Sebastian Mueller, Gilles Deleuze and War Films, Fall 2007.

Sociology 510a Reading Course

Jordana Warner, Innovations in Health Promotion for Adolescents, Fall 2007.
David Wang, Civic Engagement and the Internet, Fall 2007.

Sociology 610a: Reading Course

Caitlin Oleson, Introduction to Social Support Research, Winter 2011.

Media Studies MS 9411: Directed Study

Veronika Lukacs, The Effects of New Media on Society, Winter 2011.

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